Mt. Peak Bed & Breakfast

Come and experience a touch of luxury at the farm!

Our Story

"Why on earth did you guys buy a farm way out in the middle of nowhere?"

An Idea Is Born

About a year ago, I had this crazy idea to open up our 1947 farmhouse to guests and travelers from around the world. I began developing a business plan in earnest and we welcomed our first guest this April. As a former chef and business owner, I really wanted to deliver a unique experience for the bed and breakfast traveler that they wouldn't normally find anywhere else. 
In addition to managing a working farm and holding down a job outside of here, I began to realize my plans and starting renovating the first guest room and our tree house in the north pasture.  Several weeks of painting, installing new flooring, ordering furniture and finding the most comfortable accommodations I could, and the new room began to take shape. It was so rewarding to see it finally coming together! 
As more and more people make reservations to stay with us, it has truly inspired me to come up with new and creative breakfast ideas, themed events and other agri-tourism models for education and entertainment.  We have met some really amazing individuals along this journey and are hoping to continue the tradition for a long time!

Always A Work In Progress

The farm already had livestock on it, so we decided to keep it as a working farm and there is never a boring moment around here! There is always a project or two (or three...or eight..) that needs to be done; that being said, we have never sat out on the deck and thought, "Hmm...we're bored."
You may encounter us canning beans, putting in fencing, shoveling manure, gardening in the herb beds, grooming the horse or even something as mundane as mowing the lawn.  It all has to be done, and we're the ones for the job!

But What About The Chickens?

We knew people would want to see and visit with the animals, so we decided to open up our barn and share our critters and our knowledge about livestock handling and familiarity. Our guests can have a first-hand, upfront encounter with many of our animals on the farm, and that makes for an enjoyable experience! We are always out there with you, so never fear the rooster!